Publish django-guid

This site is intended for the contributors of django-guid.

Publishing to test-PyPi

Before publishing a new version of the package, it is advisable that you publish a test-package. Among other things, this will flag any possible issues the current interation of the package might have.

Please note, to publish a test-package, you need to have a test-pypi API token.

Using the API token, you can publish a test-package by running:

poetry config repositories.test
poetry config pypi-token.test <api-token>
poetry publish --build --no-interaction --repository test

Publishing to PyPi

Publishing django-guid can be done by creating a github release in the django-guid repository. Before publishing a release, make sure that the version is consistent in django_guid/, pyproject.toml and in the title of the actual publication. The title of the release should simply be the version number and the release body should contain the changelog for the patch.

Read the docs

Read the docs documentation can be built locally by entering the docs folder and writing make html. It requires that you have installed sphinx and the theme we’re using, which is sphinx_rtd_theme. Both can be installed through pip.