3.2.1 - 13.12.2021

Changes can be seen here going forward.

3.2.0 - 04.12.2020


  • Added a new setting, sentry_integration to the Celery integration, which sets transaction_id for Celery workers.

3.1.0 - 18.11.2020


  • Added a new setting, UUID_LENGTH, which lets you crop the UUIDs generated for log filters.
  • Added a new integration for tracing with Celery.

3.0.1 - 12.11.2020


  • Importing an integration before a SECRET_KEY was set would cause a circular import.

3.0.0 - 28.10.2020 - Full Django3.1+(ASGI/async) support!

Brings full async/ASGI (as well as the old WSGI) support to Django GUID using ContextVars instead of thread locals.

Breaking changes

This version requires Django>=3.1.1. For previous versions of Django, please use django-guid<3.0.0 (Such as django-guid==2.2.0).

If you’ve already implemented django-guid in your project and are currently upgrading to Django>=3.1.1, please see the upgrading docs.

2.2.0 - 04.11.2020


  • IGNORE_URLS setting which disables the middleware on a list of URLs.


  • Added docs for the new setting

2.1.0 - 03.11.2020


  • Integration module, which enables the users of django_guid to extend functionality.
  • Added a integration for Sentry, tagging the Sentry issue with the GUID used for the request.


  • Added docs for integrations

2.0.0 - 02.03.2020

This version contains backwards incompatible changes. Read the entire changelog before upgrading


  • SKIP_CLEANUP: After a request is finished, the Correlation ID is cleaned up using the request_finished Django signal.

Incompatible changes

  • django_guid must be in INSTALLED_APPS due to usage of signals.


  • Restructured README and docs.

1.1.1 - 12.02.2020


  • Fixed EXPOSE_HEADER documentation issue. New release has to be pushed to fix PyPi docs.

1.1.0 - 10.02.2020


  • Added a EXPOSE_HEADER setting, which will add the Access-Control-Expose-Headers with the RETURN_HEADER as value to the response. This is to allow the JavaScript Fetch API to access the header with the GUID

1.0.1 - 08.02.2020


  • Fixed validation of incoming GUID


  • Changed the logger name to django_guid
  • Added a WARNING-logger for when validation fails
  • Improved README


  • Added CONTRIBUTORS.rst

1.0.0 - 14.01.2020


  • Added a RETURN_HEADER setting, which will return the GUID as a header with the same name


  • Added a Django Rest Framework test and added DRF to the demoproj
  • Improved tests to also check for headers in the response
  • Added tests for the new setting
  • Added examples to README.rst and docs, to show how the log messages get formatted
  • Added an API page to the docs
  • Fixed the readthedocs menu bug

0.3.1 - 13.01.2020


  • Changed logging from f’strings’ to %strings
  • Pre-commit hooks added, including black and flake8
  • Added CONTRIBUTING.rst
  • Added github actions to push to PyPi with github tags

0.3.0 - 10.01.2020


  • Added a SKIP_CLEANUP setting


  • Improved all tests to be more verbose
  • Improved the README with more information and a list of all the available settings

0.2.3 - 09.01.2020


  • Added tests written in pytests, 100% codecov
  • Added Django2.2 and Django3 to github workflow as two steps
  • Improved logging

0.2.2 - 21.12.2019


  • Removed the mandatory DJANGO_GUID settings in Added an example project to demonstrate how to set the project up

0.2.1 - 21.12.2019


  • Workflow added, better docstrings, easier to read flow

0.2.0 - 21.12.2019


  • Header name and header GUID validation can be specified through Django settings


  • Initial release